Question and tips on my tax return?

I filed my taxes and I after I recieved my money I got a letter in the mail through the company I filed with (which was turbo tax) saying they need more info on me. But I went to the website and tryed contacting them but no response. Do you think I will go tao jail bc i never subbmited more info?? I didnt cheat on the taxes or anything. I put all my correct info so does anyone know what is going on? It didn’t say what I need to submit just I needed to give more info and go to the website but then I went and it didnt say anything??

I highly doubt you are going to jail. It just sounds like Turbo Tax is trying to get info on you for their mailing list. Unless you receive an official document from the IRS, I would not worry a bit. Like the first person said, it could be a phishing scam, so disregard it completely.