Mortgage Tips – The Tax Deductible Mortgage Strategy

If you are interested in

– Paying down your mortgage faster (taux hypothécaire)
– Reducing taxes
– Preparing for retirement

And who wouldn’t be? Read on.

Through the use of a specialized mortgage strategy called the Smith Maneuver, you can achieve all of these goals. And you can do them all together! – taux hypothécaire

The strategy is named for a British Colombia financial planner, Fraser Smith. He developed this interesting home loan strategy a few years ago (see the press release). I had the good fortune to hear Fraser give a speech about it at a recent conference in Toronto, where I was one of three mortgage consultants from Quebec.

This strategy, formed for a mortgage product that can expressly use it, allows the mortgage holder to make an investment or pay business expenses and, over time, achieve a tax benefit from the related interest expenses. There are a number of ways in which this works, but if it is approached in the right manner, you can limit your risk while increasing how efficiently the strategy works for you. There are many parts to this strategy, so it is best that you phone and discuss your individual circumstances and how they can be addressed using this strategy. We work with financial planners who can analyze your financial needs and put the right package together for you – taux hypothécaire.


? Pay down your mortgage faster
? Reap tax savings
? Save for retirement
? Best for high income people
? Best for self-employed, but can be utilized for salaried employees as well
? Has been approved by tax lawyers, accountants and financial planners
? You can begin the strategy any time, but the sooner the better
? It can be set up on an automated program
? There are no additional fees to be paid


? It is best for those with a mortgage that is 75% of the value of their home

? The strategy requires that the borrower can increase his payments by 2% per annum

? If the investment component is used (mandatory in the case of a salaried employee), there is always the risk associated with the investment

? In order to lower the risks associated with the investment, this strategy should be used over the longest possible period (10 to 15 years or more)

? It requires a good understanding of certain principles of investment, or the assistance of a financial planner

How to use this strategy for the long term

There are many ways to work with this strategy, applying it to each situation, each type of home loan and each status of employment. The higher your taxes are, the better the strategy works. You can use this strategy in combination with other mortgage strategies depending on your own needs – taux hypothécaire.

What is our conclusion?

Thanks to the work of Fraser Smith, we now have help in addressing three important questions that concern many of us:

– Is there a way to pay down my mortgage more quickly?
– How can I reduce my taxes? – taux hypothécaire
– Are there ways that I can accumulate additional funds for retirement?

This is a wonderful idea, but there are many was the Smith Maneuver can be used, differing from case to case. Your best bet would be to contact us and learnthe way that would work best for you.

Gregory Van Duyse