do they tax tips for waitressing? and friendlys?

whats the usual pay for waitresses. i live in ct if it helps. do they tax tips? and how bad is friendlys? i need a second job that pays student loans and the scedules arent strict. and I found out friendlys is hiring. im desperate. whats the good/bad?

Well my girlfriend is a server so I know what she does… Not sure of the law in CT. Here is CA you make minimum wage which is $7.50/hr now I think? She lived in OH before and they didn’t even make minimum wage. Only $2.20 an hour or something ridiculous. (plus tips of course)

Server pay varies widely depending on you and the restaurant. The more expensive restaurant the more you can make since tips are based on percentage of your bill. However, more expensive restaurants usually want more experienced servers so you may not get hired.

My girlfriend brings home (they tip out to bartender, food busser, etc) around $150 cash daily for about 5-6 hours work. Sometimes less, sometimes more ($200+ on weekends). Sometimes she works for 3 hours, makes $120 and goes home. Just depends. Avg plate at her restaurant is around $18-20.

As for tips, they are automatically calculated and the IRS knows more or less what you should be claiming. My g/f’s restaurant knows based on your sales what your "approximate" tips should be. If they vary a lot you have some explaining to do. If they pay with credit card there is no hiding anything. However, if customer pays cash and you "claim" 20% less no one will probably question it. Who’s to say if the customer left a ten dollar bill or a 20?

The hourly pay is paid to her every 2 weeks. Since she gets "cash" every day and the "taxes" are taken out of the bi-monthly check. She may clock 80 hours in two weeks but her "take home" check is maybe $100. They take the "taxes" out of your weekly check so you don’t have to worry about spending the cash in hand while coming up short on taxes later.

I’d suggest try working as a cocktail server or bartender. I was a bar back myself back in the day. You make just as much money (if not more) and all you do is server drinks. No food to deal with..