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How To Save For Retirement

When you are dealing with a home business, you might find that some of your finances are run a little bit differently. For instance, you might not have a retirement account with your home business like you would if you were working for a company that set one up for you automatically. This might be…

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Retirement: Keep on Rollin’

The Rolling Stones. Their band name alone can conjure up images of rock and roll glory, greatness, and success. But, to mention the “Stones” without mentioning several attempts at retirement would be foolish. They’ve had almost as many last-hurrahs as Cher and are still rocking to this day. They’ve even made it clear that this…

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539 Plan Strategies

Copyright (c) 2009 Karen Bolton Some states allow a state income tax deduction for a contribution to a 529 plan. The amount of this deduction is limited to a certain amount per donor (e.g., New York’s limit is $5,000 per donor per year). Therefore, to get the maximum state income tax deduction benefit, the donor…

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Taking money out of a non qualified retirement plan?

non qualified retirement plan   I have a non qualified retirement plan ( this is not a 401K) through work. Do I have to wait until I am 59 1/2 years old to take it out without paying tax or do I still have to pay tax. If I have to pay any tax, what…

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Paying for College

In today’s highly competitive admissions process, families must never lose sight of the fact that nothing is more important to parent or student than an acceptance letter! As all the aid in the world is useless without that coveted admission ticket, paying for college is your second priority. Planning for college can begin as early…

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