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The Hidden Sting of COBRA In Texas Health Insurance

If you lose your job anywhere in the US, including Texas, one of the many questions you’ll have is: “Will I lose my health coverage, too?” If you’re an employee at a company that has 20 or more employees, and you leave your group plan for reasons other than gross negligence, you’ll be offered COBRA…

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Top 4 Retirement Issues Baby Boomers Face In Retirement

Retirement Issues The game has changed in terms for retirement for the Baby Boomers. The question used to be not if you would be able to retire it was how much will you have in retirement? Now the question is can you afford to retire? This is a completely different approach from the days when…

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which is the best retirement plan in India?

Present age is 45 and my retirement age is 60. Hence if I invest Rs 50,000/- per year for the next 15 years, which retirement plan is best and secure. Checkout this link below: Thank you very much!

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Health Insurance in Florida is Out of Control

Health Insurance premiums are out of control! The trend of higher costs and lower benefits is on the rise. Florida Health Insurance web suggests using an insurance professional to find the best available rates for your individual, small business, or self employed health insurance. Voted the number one insurance portal by Florida consumers, Florida Health…

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looking for professional retirement planning software?

I am a CFP looking for reasonably priced professional retirement planning software that does estate planning, income tax planning life insurance needs analysis and investment planning. I found a 30 day free trial at of a comprehensive retirement planning software for only $299. Has anyone tried it or knows of something else that they…

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