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Retirement Redefined

Will most baby boomers truly retire? The old mainstays of golf, grandkids and travel haven’t been enough to satisfy many retirees from previous generations. With the great amounts of energy and success that exist within the baby boomer generation, retirement isn’t likely to sustain their attention much longer than it did their parents’. If the…

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Plan On Investing For Your Education Of Your Child

Our children are the most beautiful part of our life. And all parents want to give their children a better and brighter future than what they had themselves received. However, with the education fees soaring up year after year, parents are left with no choice but to invest heavily and smartly into savings. But at…

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Anyone able to recommend good free household budgeting software?

Ideally just something to track expenses, financial planning etc. Thanks for any replies. Just get a free spreadsheet or Office package. Then make your own templates or they may have one that you like. Wouldn’t it be better to just write it down? Unless it is a palace your head of lol. Write one out…

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I have to write 8-10 page paper on financial planning.?

I was wondering what the easiest topic would be to write this paper on? Retirement planning, buying a house, or even financial planning in general? 1 page introduction. 2 pages planning for college. 2 pages planning for children/marriage/children. 2 pages planning for retirement. 2 pages planning for funeral, will, etc. 1 page conclusion.

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How are you budgeting with prices going up and up?

Sometime I have a hard time budgeting and wanted to what you do to have a little extra money saved back. 1. I say clip coupons all the time and buy sale items. I once helped my family turn a $200 grocery bill into a $80 bill for scan and clipping coupons. trust me it…

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Financial Planning & Investment Tips : Money Market Account Liquidity

Money market accounts can be liquidated, but make sure there is a secure financial plan before transferring funds. Find out more about money mark account liquidity with tips from a registered financial consultant in this free video on financial planning. Expert: Patrick Munro Contact: Bio: Patrick Munro is a registered financial consultant (RFC) with…

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