Sun Life Financial – Canadians’ financial advice to loved ones: rely less on credit and develop a financial plan – Sun Life Financial launches online tools and ad campaign to help Canadians create a plan that’s right for them Duration : 0:0:29

Read More High impact unlikely events. Impact on future business strategy. Leadership and change management. Managing uncertainty and rapid change. Insuring risk and risk management in business. Contingency planning. Leadership styles and decisions. Web marketing. Online sales. Impatient consumers and consumer choices. Rapid innovation. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon. Duration : 0:2:22

Read More for free white papers, newsletters and more information An overwhelming number of failed marriages cite financial troubles as a major factor in their breakup. This is no surprise because the way we use our time and money reflects our values. Without a strong set of shared values, marriages drift apart. But, dealing with finances…

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