what questions do I have to ask from an insurance company in order to know about their risk management?

If I wanna ask an insurance company about their risk management and how they manage the risks what questions do I have to ask’em?
I study insurance management and I have to talk to an insurance company to find out about their risk management but I don’t know what questions I should ask!!! 😀 Can you help me plz?!!!

You’d do a lot better researching the general principles of risk management strategy before asking individual insurers (it’s a huge subject)

You can read up on various principles through the IAIS which is pretty much the lead organisation in the world for setting requirements for insurers.


Also ..a personal tip …. although obviously rules are different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, some of the most comprehensive and yet concise I’ve seen are the Australian ones (they are very hot on risk management in Aus).

You can read the guidance notes here….


That way you can target your questions and get a much better response