What should i be looking into for retirement planning?

I have to write a retirement plan for my gerintology class and i have no idea where to start.
The plan is for myself at retirement, I am now 27 and expect to retire at 70.

Are you writing your own plan? I would divide it into the following categories:

1) Financial: How are you going to save and plan for retirement. Hint: 401(k) plan, home ownership, personal savings, social security. How much do you think you will need to live comfortably?

2) What age do you think you will retire, and how long will you live in retirement. If you are in your 20’s, and female, you will most likely live to be 100, so if you retire at 65 or 70, you will need to fund your lifestyle for up to 35 years. Most people in the future will work part time or have home based businesses, or will volunteer if they have the resources.

3) What will you do in retirement? What activities, how will you keep yourself engaged in life?

4) Healthcare: are you healthy, how will you maintain your health, what are your concerns and plans about this? Many people purchase long term care insurance to protect loved ones in case their health fails.

It is never to early to start planning for retirement.