What can I do if I got a late start planning for retirement?

How do I get started? I do not have a huge income?
I am in my early thirties, and have some debt.

That is an awesome question. The second source book below will help you get to your answer. It’s going to explain how money is made, created and kept. I commend you on getting this information early on. The world has changed; it’s no longer "go to school, get a good job, and that job will take care of you for the rest of your life." Ask the senior citizens and the baby boomers how that is working……….it’s not! We see seniors at fast food restaurants and wal-mart stores working when they should be enjoying their golden years. We are in the information age, the rules have changed. You’ve asked the most important question that ANYONE could ask.

The great news is we are just entering the information age (12-13 years now). With great change comes great opportunities. The second source book below will help you come to a decision. Just do your homework, if people can’t source it, their information is probably just an opinion and everyone has one of those. All that is going to do is waste your time and money.


Be careful who you listen to, they may be broke (financially or thinking). Don’t get information from people that don’t live or have the lifestyle you want to live or have.

Good Luck!!