To Have an Active Retirement You Must Plan for it

When we are still acitvely working and have a sense of fulfillment in our work environment, the last thinkg we are thinking about is how to spend our time in reitrement. Most of us know that we need to make financial plans for reitrement so that we don”t have to depend on the meager resources that come from a government reitrement plan. But, we tend to pretend that there will be no adjustment in our time from the working years and the retirement yrears. When we are in ourr fifties and sixties, we should begin to think how we can develop an active reitrement and not be surprised when it comes about so quickly.

For some of us, manditory retirement occurs at a certain age or as a down sizing step in some corporations to eliminate older workers and make room for younger ones. For workers that do physical labor, they will find as they age that they are no longer able to do the physical labor that the job requires. Thus, when we retire voluntarily or forcefully, we may wake up one day and find that we no longer have a job to go to.

Because life expectancy has lengthened in recent years, the average retiree will have twenty or thirty years to spend in retirement. This is even a a stronger reason for you to spend some time before retirement and plan how you will use you time effectively when you reach your retirement yers. When plannning your reitrement years,  you should develop a breadth of interests as one or two interests will soon become boresome. Especiallly if you have been a workaholic, you will need to think aobut eight or ten acitivites that will interest you in retirement.

Just one activity, such as playing golf, will soon bore you. You should be thinking about other activities that you have always wanted to develop but never have had the time to do. Some of these other interests might include writing, traveling, visiting friends and taking a course in a subject for which you never had time. When plannning these activities, you whould choose one activity that will give youu a feeling of accomplish and acheivement.

In conclusion, you should spend as much time in planning your retirement as you spent in plannning your career. In doing this, you will need to consider your marital statue, your health, your skilll, your friends, your interests and most importantly your dreams


Why do we use this expression? Where does the term “get his goat” come from?

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amilu stewart