Should I consider an immediate annuity for retirement planning.?

I am years from retirement, but an immediate annuity appears to offer a higher withdrawal rate than I can guarantee on my own. If I plan for an annuity it can help me achieve my goal. Is that a good strategy?

I don’t like annuities.
Some charge as high as 5% – all this to give you a check each month.
Do not go through an advisor for this.
Annuities are the biggest money makers for them – that’s how they buy their Lexus’s.

If you like annuities though – Charles Schwab offers a super low cost ones.
Fidelity Investments probably have some good ones also.
These discount brokers are not out to get you.
Go the schwab website and spend a little hour looking around and compare.
If I wanted an annuity that’s the way I would go.
Don’t get ripped off – also google annuity cons, and read, read, read.
I would also like for you to go to the bookstore and get a book on the subject.
The fees run in the thousands a year for some annuities – the least you can do is spend $20 on a book.
I think Schwab has an annuity that automatically buys laddered cd’s.
Be careful with high returns in variable annuities in a volatile market – you can lose it all.
Schwab and Fidelity have been around for 30 years – trust them.