looking for a retirement party planning website Martha Stewart like?

I haev to plan a retirement party for my boss. I want t to be realy nice.. Looking for a Martha Stewart Type Ideas. I looked on her site she doesnt have antying for retirement partys. I am looking for the whole shabang….From decorations to Menu’s… Any ideas would be helpful also….As far as my boss he was into antique Cars specifically 56 chevy….Space…Planets.. Please help 🙂

One thing that comes to my mind is that your boss’ interests of antique cars, space & planets may not necessarily be the Martha Stewart type of a party. Meaning, Martha Stewart tends to guide her parties to a more formal side, and for a retirement party, it shoudl be more relaxed and informal.

Have you checked out Party City or a local party store? There are retirement decorations and paper goods there-plates, cups, napkins, etc. I would stick to a classic car theme because that is probably more fun to decorate. Get a bunch of cheap posters off of www.posters.com of all kinds of antique cars to help decorate. Then the boss can take the posters home, perhaps frame some of them. Check your local bakery for a car cake theme, and NOT the movie CARS. Make the menu simple. Have the local deli prepare deli trays of meats and cheeses so guests can prepare their own sandwiches. Include the usual lettuce, tomato, mayo, cole slaw, potato salad, etc. If your boss is older (assumingly he is since he is retiring) try to play the ‘oldies’ music from his era-most likely the 50′ & 60’s. Classic car & driving tunes. At Toys R Us and KB Toys you can find models and jigsaw puzzles of cars. Pick up a few of them and maybe some of the guests would be inclined to tackle a model or a puzzle set up on a few card tables. There are lots of documentaries about classic cars from the History or Discovery Channels, and similar networks. If you can acquire a few, throw them on a continuous loop for guests to watch in the lobby or somewhere in a smaller area than the main party hall. If you want to try a party game, see if you can find some kind of car trivia game, since there is trivia on just about every imaginable topic out there. Hmmm, can;t think of any more, but if I do I’ll edit my answer.

Good luck to you!