Does anybody feel as crazy as I do about retirement planning and the downsizing they are doing at work?

I am really worried about retirement and my current job. I can’t say that I really care about financial planners. Are there any people who feel the same way. What is the solution? One financial planner told me that 2000 dollars today will only be worth 700 dollars in 20 years. Now that to me is scary. The ups and downs of the stock market make me awfully nervous. I get touchy when it comes to these financial planners but I get touchy when I think that I’ve got to have 85% of my income to retire too.

You and me both! I just recently started a retirement account – Way too LATE in life. I"m over 50 and I realize now that I am not going to be able to retire unless something BIG happens.

My mother retired and lived beyond her retirement. She’s now on Social SEcurity. She’s great at scrimping and she’s doing OK. BUT, if my brothers and I hadn’t bought her a house, which is now paid off, she’d be up the crick!

Start early, and work with a good investment person.