Why is my company renaming my 401k plan to a Retirement Savings Plan?

After a recent merger, my company is renaming my 401k plan to a Retirement Savings Plan. It seems a little odd. What kinds of legal issues, protections, ect. do I need to consider?

these other people are on drugs…I’ve seen 401k plans named retirement savings plans and even profit sharing plans. The name means absolutely NOTHING! Check out the plan document, or summary plan description, of the new plan and see if the provisions are the same. If so, then sleep comfortably. If not, then they will give you the opportunity to roll your money over into an IRA instead of into the other plan. Your choice if you want to do that. Generally when a merger occurs the companies also merge retirement plans. This is likely what happened in your case.

And btw no special training is needed for directing the investments of any type of plan. You simply need to invest prudently….I’ve seen small business owners invest for their participants and do quite well…and I’ve seen those knuckleheads with licenses do worse than they would have if they were simply in a 60/40 Equity/Bond split.