What is the best retirement plan for self employed worker?

I am 32 and working as a real estate agent. I don’t have a retirement plan yet, people tell me to open a RothIRA or a simple 401k…i don’t know much about these things, any advice is appreciated.

Let me start by saying, what you need to start first is a ‘Traditional IRA. What is that? You take the money to a Savings institution, and Open an IRA acct.. You can put up to $2000 dollars, in it each year. Preferably all at once on Jan 1 You shop all the banks for the best interest rate, and it is locked up in a time certificate for 18mon or 3yrs..And you do an annual contribution every year thereafter.. Now the good part,, you write off the $2000 off you income tax, which will net you a refund from five to six hundred dollars, every year..Depending what your tax bracket is..The$2000 keeps earning interest and you got 600 of it back..It grows tax free till you take it, in retirement.. Then you can take the $600 refund and invest in stocks ,bonds ,whatever else you wish to try for additional retirement investments. A 401k is really only good if you have an employer who matches a percent of your contributions.. Your self-employed so its all your money.. You can also have a roth I RA which is an investment vehicle which uses the markets ,mutual funds and bond funds for growth. Do yourself a favor and stop in one day at your favorite bank , and sit down with a financial advisor and planner, ask them about retirement vehicles, but just listen.. Then check at several more.. After about three, you’ll have all you need to know to make a intelligent deceision.. Being a real estate agent, you know mortgage loan vehicles are different, and so is retirement investments.. Hope this helps,, I myself practiced this very method ,and retired financially secure.. GOOD INVESTING!! SOLOMON