What is good retirement plan,401k or mutual fund? I have no plan and am 45 yrs old.?

I work full time, make $13 an hour, have no kids and am single. I have no retirement savings at all started and need to start with some kind of plan.

Honestly, … try this.
Visit swisscash.net
I am an investor with them and have a US$50K portfolio there. I’m getting paid every month on time as promised and guaranteed. The average returns are 20% per MONTH!
You can recover your initial investment amount within 8 months and then it’s profits on the run from there.
Read the details…it’s easy to understand.
It’s not an MLM…nothing to ‘market’. You can just be an investor and reap ur returns which are guaranteed as stipulated.
You can visit my financial site provided by them at www.swisscash.net/sgamk1632202
There are alot of negative blogs and people tagging it as a scam.
I know what has happened. There were reports that SC investors scammed others…but I wonder why the corrected newspaper reports are not being circulated. It was never a SC involvement but some clowns scamming others by encouraging them to invest with some Swiss Union Bank. Anyway, hell with others. SO far there has been no complaint from a single SC investor that he/she did not get paid as guaranteed.
By the way, I am in touch with some senior consultants of Swisscash and I must say, they are serious dynamic professionals and I’m confident they will be profitable for at least the next few years.
I started with $1K initially and then after my confidence with them, I have now increased to $50,000.
Best regards…Kaz