Saving for Retirement – Taking Action to Avoid Retirement Shortfall

If you are one of the many investors saving for retirement and wondering how you will maintain your standard of living as your investments are not performing and the Sate looks to provide less and less this article is for you.

Quite simply, most of the baby boomer generation (that’s about 70 million) people face a retirement where they wont maintain the standard of living their used to.

They need high growth and low risk but what are the best investments?

Getting low risk and high rewards

Saving for retirement means getting low risk and high reward but mutual funds and equity managers generally perform poorly and double digit gains are considered good but with inflation eating in. that’s not much!

Its time to look at other ways to save for retirement and there is one method that is becoming more attractive to Americans and other foreigners than ever.

Its investing in Costa Rican land and property.

If you have never considered this as part of your savings for retirement plan then you should consider this

1. Costa Rican land & property prices are booming

Over the last 5 years prime property prices are up by as much as 300% and year on year since 1997 when the boom began and downside has been almost non existent.

Does this sound a better return than your mutual fund with less risk?

2.The boom will continue

It is exactly the problems in the US with regard to getting better performance that will drive these prices higher.

Many Americans are not only thinking of buying land and property for investment purposes but they are moving to Costa Rica in ever increasing numbers

Why? Because they can get property at 70% cheaper, living costs are 70% cheaper and they can live in a stable country with all the comforts of home just 3 hours from the US!

3. Investing the easy way

The government makes buying land and property easy, you get the same rights as residents and its very tax efficient.

4. Risk / reward

Saving for retirement is all about risk / reward.

You want the high growth rates without huge downside swings, Costa Rican property and land investments provide you with this.

Keep in mind

If you buy a property as an investment you don’t have to wait to sell it to make money -rent it out in the booming rental market.

As more and more people move to Costa Rica from the US and more big companies such as Intel and proctor and Gamble re locate parts of their operation, the rental market will continue to be buoyant.

Finally, you may end up doing what many Americans already have..

Simply, don’t sell your investment property move to Costa Rica and live in it.

Many investors started saving for retirement by buying a second property in Costa Rica, then when they saw the standard of living they moved! Consider this:

You can live on $2,000 a month, there is no tax on social security checks, the country is safe, stable, has good infrastructure, all the comforts of home, a large American population (so you feel at home) and all this is just a 3 hour direct flight from the US.

Of course, when saving for retirement wouldn’t it be nice to own or live in a paradise? With everything from pristine beaches to rainforest and one of the best climates on earth Costa Rica has this and much more.

If you have never considered Costa Rica in your saving for retirement plans or re-locating, then you should it makes perfect sense.

Sacha Tarkovsky