If I quit my job what happens to the money I have been contributing to my SURS retirement plan?

I work for a community College and we have to contribute to a retirement plan called SURS. I am planning on quitting but don’t know what happens to my money?

If the money actually paid in came out of your paycheck, then it’s yours, and cannot be taken away. If this is some kind of pension that you never personally paid into, you might not be vested, in which case, you have nothing.

If it’s a 401k, you can leave it with the community college (and draw it out when you reach retirement age), or roll it over into an IRA. If your plan was tax-deferred (probably), then you do NOT want to just withdraw the money, you want to directly roll it into another tax-deferred account, like an IRA.

Check with your personnel department, or ask older employees at your workplace.