I just got married & am trying to start a retirement plan for us, but don’t know where to start.?

After just getting married, we are trying to find good life insur. that’s affordable. We’re also looking for advise on how to start planning for our retirement. Any ideas?

For life insurance buy the most term insurance as you can afford for those earning actual income. Term is cheaper than whole life and you need it most when you are young when most of your earning years are in front of you.

For retirement, your first choice should be a company sponsored 401K due to the company match and tax advantages. Absent that, one of the various IRA options are good as they offer many tax advantages. If you max out on one or both of those options, buying diversified mutual funds with the help of a financial advisor is where the rest should go. Your investment choices in all of the above vehicles is dependent on your risk profile which again can be done by self research or the help of a financial advisor. Based on your question, it sounds like you need the help of a financial advisor. Good luck.