Any suggestions for a retirement plan for stay at home Mom?

I’m currently a stay at home Mom and do not have a retirement plan in place. I’m 30 and looking for a reasonably priced plan for the future. Any suggestions?

If you’re pretty sure that you won’t need the money before age 59 1/2 or later, you can put it in an annuity. Annuities were established in the 1960’s to allow people to invest for retirement and not pay taxes until the money is withdrawn. Some annuities are used for IRA’s but you can use an annuity outside of an IRA also. There are variable annuities, where the money is invested in the market, and fixed annuities where the insurance company gives you a set return. Go to a book store and get the book “Getting Started in Annuities”. It’s very informative and pretty accurate. A broker and/or an insurance agent can sell you an annuity. Make sure it’s with a company with an A. M. Best rating of A or A+ or A++. Good luck.

There are conditions under which a stay-at-home parent can contribute to an IRA based on their spouse’s income. You can check out the rules for IRA’s in