Am I able to qualify for a deductible IRA if the only retirement plan my company offers is a 401K?

My question concerns only a fully deductible IRA, and the confusion over the IRS wording “to quality….you must not be eligible to participate in a company retirement plan”. My company does not offer a pension plan , but does offer a 401k plan, so does that disqualify me from a deductible IRA ? Basically the question comes down to the defination of a “company retirement plan”.

401k plan is considered a company retirement plan for what you are asking about. Note: actually participating is irrelevent. Your eligibility to participate is what drives this. You still may be able to qualify for it if your spouse (if any) doesn’t offer a plan.

Of course this assumes that you are over the income phaseout limits. I assumed you were as you specifically mentioned the wording and didn’t ask the typical vague question.