what does this mean….Where Is This Distribution From?

this is the situation…. my father passed away and left me his pension (I with drew all monies)and on the tax form it asks me where is this distribution from and these are the choices…

Select the source of this distribution and enter any other Michigan information. Explain This

1)Qualified government, public, military pension

2)Current year conversion from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA

3)Pension/IRA distributions received before retirement age

4)*Other qualified IRA distributions
(Explain This)* – IRA distributions received after age 59 1/2

– Benefits from a qualified plan received due to a disability, or as a surviving spouse if the decedent qualified for the subtraction at the time of death

– Benefits paid to someone age 65 or older from a lifetime retirement annuity policy

5)Qualified private-source pension

6)None of the above
this form is a 1099-R distribution code- death. This money is taxable because I am not his spouse.
he worked for a university
no taxes were withheld I had them take 12% only on federal and 0 for state
its a 401B from the university

Because none of the options are inheritance, I would probably say None of the above. Inheritances are generally not taxable unless they are close to a million $$