I have some questions?

1.Which of the following forms is used to report the amount of distributions from pension and retirement plans?
2.Under the federal income tax withholding law, income taxes are not withheld from the value of meals that employers furnish workers on the employers’ premises for the employers’ convenience.

1) The first, if it is a 1099.

2) True.


It pains me to see someone who has been waiting hours for an answer that they could get in 15 minutes in the proper category, like BUSINESS or HOMEWORK HELP.

Yahoo Answers has several hundred categories. You posted in

Yahoo Products -> Yahoo Answers.

The category is for questions about Yahoo answers –
“How do I pick best answer?”
“Why do they asterisk out some words?”

You’d probably get a much better answer, faster, if you posted your question again in a different category. You will have to pick the category manually.

The automatic picker is sometimes wrong. For instance, if your question has the words “question” or “answer” in it, the automatic category picker puts it in Yahoo Answers.

It is a violation of the Community Guidelines to tell someone to ask again in another category, unless you also try to answer their question. Some troll nailed me with 8 violations for doing that, in October. (On 8 different questions.) I have been answering Q here ever since, out of spite. To thwart the trolls, (may the fleas from a thousand camels infest their beards), I took my best shot at answering your question. My expertise is limited, so the answer I gave might not be complete, or in some cases, accurate, but it is an answer.

Best wishes, and please, for your sake, not mine – ask again, this time in the proper category.