Help !!! Analyze this legal issue … (California)?

This is a text from a retirement plan administrator of the deceased citizen from CALIFORNIA name Bryan
A.” If no benificiary designation is on file , the Retirement Plan provides a benificiary that will be determied in the following order of priority: (1) surviving spouse or domestic partner; (2) surviving children ; (3) surviving parents; (4) the participant’s estate. In reviewing our records I could not find that Bryan had appointed any benificiary under the Retirement Plan.”
B. ” As we do not have a benificiary designation form on file for Bryan, under the benificiary designation provisions of the Retirement Plan, Mark as Bryan’s domestic partner, is entitled to receive the survivor annuity benifits”
Is this the correct distribution of Bryan’s retirement plan. ? (CALIFORNIA). Anybody please help.

As Mark has no beneficiary designation on file, the order of priority set out in A should be followed. First on that list is “surviving spouse or domestic partner”. Provided Bryan has no surviving spouse, and the administrator is happy that Mark alone meets the definition of “surviving domestic partner”, then it is correct that the whole of the survivor annuity benefits should go to Mark. In that event, there is no need to look beyond (1) on the order of priority.