form 1099 r distribution form,,need to file,,please help!!!?

my husband filed our 2008 tax return,,i had just received my 1099r form for a loan i had taken from my retirement plan,,,what should i do??,,,the amount shown on the form is 1007.11,,how much would we have to pay,,and can we file this separately now that we had already filed our taxes,,please help

If you just took a loan and are paying it back on schedule, then you shouldn’t have gotten a 1099-R. But if it ended up being a withdrawal because it’s not being paid back on schedule, then you’ll have to file an amended 2008 return, you can’t just file it separately. You’ll owe income tax at whatever your rate is, plus a 10% penalty for early withdrawal if you are under 59-1/2. So you’ll probably owe $250 or so, or more if your tax bracket is over 15%