for "HOW LONG SHOULD IT TAKE AFTER ALL LEGAL ISSUES HAVE BEEN FINALIZED, FOR A PERSON TO RECEIVE A LUMP SUM DISTRIBUTION FROM A TERMINATED I.R.A. ACCOUNT.(After 5 yrs. of no contribution, activity, money and time repoted to the Union I used to belong to a person is eligible to apply for distribution, which must be approved by a Board of Trustees , all provisions of the plan were satisfied 2 yrs ago except for a Q.D.R.O. meeting definition of ERISA Sec.414(p) as amended by the Retirement Equity Act of 1984, Sec.204 (b) this was approved by attorney for the plan in April of this year 2007 the matter was heard and resolved at Orange County Superior Court on July 11, 2007 signed sealed and delivered to the Pension Representative a hard copy by July 13,2007 I personally spoke with the man on July 13, 2007 I asked him if there were any papers I would nedd to sign so this would not be delayed. He told me no everything was done I would have the money in 2 weeks. On that date I called him, the retirement group Company and have continued calling them 2 to 3 times a week since . The company would tell me they had all the relavent info on monday but by wednesday they were waiting for info , friday it will be done in 3 days this has gone on for 15 weeks. I have asked these people why someone has not contacted this incompetent representative. I have screamed at supervisors at both ends back and forth. Can someone tell me what the true performance time period is under the right communication process one would believe professionals should perform. please dont tell me this is because of red tape, i have talk to both partys to many times. So

Contact the Orange County Superior Court and let them know that the pension fund is not complying with the court order, and now you want the order modified to include a penalty of $100 a day for every day they are not in compliance.

The court probably won’t award you the penalty money, but they probably will hold a hearing to determine why you haven’t been paid after all this time.

Tel the court you want interest on the money they’ve been withholding.