Which investment elections should I choose for my 401k?

I’m a 22 year old guy that just got started with my company’s 401(k) a few months ago. Which elections should I choose, and what percentage should I put towards each?


-Laudus International MarketMasters (Foreign Large-Cap Growth)
-Gartmore Morely Stable Value Fund (Stable Value)
-FPA Crescent Portfolio (Moderate Allocation fund)
-Vanguard 500 (Index fund)
-Sound Shore (Large-cap Value fund)
-Calamos Growth A fund (Mid-Cap Growth fund)
-PIMCO Real Return D (Gov’t Bond fund)
-Victory Diversified Stock A (Large-Cap Blend/Growth fund)

I’m young, so I figure I can be more aggressive and not keep as much in cash or stable value.

I’d appreciate any help from more experience 401(k)-ers and financially educated people. Thank you!

No stable value at all. No cash either. I own the Laudus – ok.
Laudus 25%
Calamos 25%
Vanguard 25% low cost key
Victory 25%
May be a bit conservative but market high right now. Key is to look to long term.