The concept of quality-adjusted life years (QALY’s?

The concept of quality-adjusted life years (QALY’s):

a. is a multidisciplinary approach to measuring health status

b. has little application to medical decision making

c. is used to evaluate investment allocation in the market for health services

d. is used extensively to evaluate medical care resource allocation within Government-run programs

e. None of the above
I think its either c or d.. does any know or have an opinion about it

d is the right answer

Use of QALY

The QALY is used in cost-utility analysis to calculate the ratio of cost to QALYs saved for a particular health care intervention. This is then used to allocate healthcare resources, with an intervention with a lower cost to QALY saved ratio being preferred over an intervention with a higher ratio. This method is controversial because it means that some people will not receive treatment as it is calculated that cost of the intervention is not warranted by the benefit to their quality of life. However, its supporters argue that since health care resources are inevitably limited, this method enables them to be allocated in the way that is most beneficial to society.