investment plans?!?

Ok so I need to divide up 7.5% of my income into investment funds… but I have no idea what any of this stuff means! (I just barely passed economics!) ok so here it is…what presentage should I put where?

Stable Value Fund
-TFLIC guarunteed pooled fund

Stock Funds
-diversified value fund
-diver. stock index fund
-diver. growth & income fund
-diver. equity growth fund
-diver. mid cap value fund
-diver. mid cap growth fund
-diver. small cap value fund
-diver small cap growth fund
-diver. intl. equity fund

Multi-Asset Funds
-diver. short strategic allocation fund
-diver. short/inter strat. allocation fund
-diver. intermid. strat. allo. fund
-diver. inter/lond strat. allo. fund
-diver long strat. allo. fund

Bond Funds
-diver. total return bond fund
-diver. high yield allo. fund

Even just knowing the differences between the 4 types of funds would be helpful….. but anything really would be awesome 🙂

thanks so much

Your funds, while not the greatest, can probably be lived with.
35% stock index fund
10% mid cap value fund
05% small cap value fund
20% international equity fund
15% TFLIC guaranteed
15% total return bond fund

But generally you want to divide your contributions to a diversified group of funds. Some higher risk, and some lower risk. I would consider the stock funds higher risk, and the bond & cash (tflic) lower risk.

The us stock market is made up of large companies, mid size companies & small companies. Thus the allocation to these. There are also many corporations thoughout the world. That is why I suggested 20% international. Lastly I gave you 30% in something safe, such as bonds & cash.

You should be really be learning something about this stuff. Investing in a 401k is an excellent way to save for retirement. But help yourself & read up on investing. Try Investing for Dummies by Eric Tyson. I have this.