How should I allocate risk between my investment accounts, taking into account the tax benefits of an IRA?

Account/Asset/Risk Allocation question:
I have a Roth IRA and a normal investment brokerage account. I thought I should put my riskier investments (which in theory should yield more) into my Roth IRA because the gains are tax-free (I think). But I believe I cant claim losses if the investments don’t work out?
A little help here? Thanks a lot!

Earnings in a Roth are tax-free. But losses are not deductible. Allocate your accounts according to your risk tolerance. The rule of thumb is to put the same percentage as your age in bonds and fixed income investments and the rest in stocks. Only invest in riskier investments with money you can afford to lose, and deduct from current income. And your retirement is not money you can afford to lose.