Doing great with budgeting and saving, but need advice on investment allocations?

I’m doing everything by the book on saving for retirement and emergencies and have it going on. The only thing I’m always unsure about is when and how I should be rebalancing during market changes. I have a pretty good process for picking good mutual funds just using internet tools, but never know when it’s time to move from one fund to another, and also if i’m too heavily invested in one type or another. Is there any advisors online who charge like a one time fee for evaluating this a few times a year? I checked with local financial advisors and they seem to deal with clients having over 2mil in assets! I’m not quite there yet 🙂 Fidelity told me since i’m a "platinum" level customer of theirs they’d give me free advice but they can’t ever tell you exactly what to do because of laws and regulations.

So.. let me see.. you’re trying to have a positive return in your investment and you asked random people for a financial advise?! Good Luck.