Are these good investment elections for my 401(k)?

I’m a 22 year old that’s been involved with my company’s 401(k) plan for about a year now. Our plan has the following offerings:

-Laudus International MarketMasters (Foreign Large-Cap Growth)
-Gartmore Morely Stable Value Fund (Stable Value)
-FPA Crescent Portfolio (Balanced Moderate Allocation fund)
-Vanguard 500 (Index fund)
-Sound Shore (Large-cap Value fund)
-Calamos Growth A fund (Mid-Cap Growth fund)
-PIMCO Real Return D (Gov’t Bond fund)
-Victory Diversified Stock A (Large-Cap Blend/Growth fund)

The investments and percentages I have are as follows:
Calamos Growth A (Mid-cap growth): 25%
FPA Crescent Portfolio (Balanced): 20%
Vanguard 500 (Index): 20%
Laudus Int’l MarketMasters (Int’l Growth): 20%
Sound Shore (Large-cap Value): 15%

I’ve tried to stay away from the funds rated 3 starts or lower by Morningstar. Is 3 stars average, or borderline bad? Are these good elections and appropriate percentages for a person my age? If not, how should I change them?

Having no Pimco & no Gartmore are the keys at your age. With market high allocation is ok as is.