where to go to get financial planning help?

are there any free websites where i could get help with financial planning..you know like budgeting money to pay bills ang buy needed things and so on please help

I would be very cautious about any free sites offering financial planning. In order to do true financial planning it would be necessary to enter a ton of private financial information. That is just the kind of stuff that people trying to steal your ID would love. I might recommend using some very inexpensive personal finance software such as Microsoft Money or Quicken. If all you need is basic stuff you can go with their basic program which only costs about $20. You then spend a couple of weeks keeping very detailed records of your purchases, expenses, and income. Once this data is all in their you are able to run monthly reports that tracks every penny that you spend. I’ve been using Microsoft Money for years now and there is rarely a day that goes by when I can’t tell you exactly how much money I have and where it is going. Good luck