Using Debt Management To Free Up Financial Resources

It happens. You are walking down the street and you look up and there it is, the holy grail of all electronics and you…have… to have it. What? No money. No problem. They will sign you up for an in-store credit card. Payments will be low, interest will be high. And yes, they can deliver it today.

That’s the tried and true story of life in pursuit of the “American Way.” Lots of purchases on credit, lots of stuff crowding our homes, lots of debt we can’t ever pay in our entire lifetimes. But isn’t that the way things are meant to be? For some crazy reason Americans love to buy on credit. We continue to make purchase after purchase we can’t afford and then it happens, and one day we wake up in a complete financial crisis, paralyzed by debt and fear and unsure of what we can do to remedy the situation.

Well, if you find yourself in the state of siege you may find comfort in knowing you are certainly not the first, and more than likely will not be the last, to occupy this position. I was there once too. My credit card was procured “just for emergencies.” Then it was for gas and emergencies. Then it was for pizza, gas, and emergencies. You get the idea, I’m sure. Once I had my degree and started my career, I didn’t take care of the debt I had accrued, instead I told myself there would be plenty of time to clean it up and I needed to “live like I had a degree” so people would take me seriously. Do you notice any parallels here? It didn’t take long until I was thousands of dollars in debt, and trying to find my way through the maze of life that would lead me to riches and happiness. Somewhere, however, I must have made a wrong turn because before I knew it the only place I was finding was the credit counseling agency. I was buried in credit card debt, and needed help finding relief. This time was easy to fix, I found a different card carrier that offered a low fixed rate for transfer balances and was able to move all my debts to one card. However, it could have been much worse. If you find too many things about my story that sounds like your own, you may want to look at credit card debt relief for yourself. Finding a counselor is really quite easy, they are listed on the internet and sometimes even in the phone book or on television. Moving balances or procuring a debt consolidation loan can bring about a huge sense of relief and offer you the chance to save your credit rating all at the same time. Better yet, debt management planning can avert the need to file a bankruptcy. So, what are you waiting for? Do it now, before tit’s too late.

Jack Blacksmith