Should I use a Financial Planner?

I am living paycheck to paycheck. Should I use a Financial Planner to help me? I am turning 30 soon and really want to start planning for my future and have money so I can retire one day.

I even live rent free so I shouldnt be having these problems. I dont even own a credit card.

It’s great that you’re asking the question in the first place; some folks never even get to this point.

But ultimately, if you’re living hand to mouth, hiring some financial whiz is just paying someone to deal with your problem. Because you are your problem. Someone could tell you to invest in the best mutual fund on the planet, but that wouldn’t get you out of living paycheck to paycheck.

I hate hawking people’s books, but go buy the newest Dave Ramsey book immediately. He has a radio show also. I’m telling you up front, he’s not the best writer, but his ideas are very sound, and will get you off of this treadmill you’re on. The $15 you spend on that will be worth it.

I make six figures and never had any clue where it all went at the end of every month. Now my wife and I have an exact picture of where our money comes from, and where it goes. We control it, not the other way ’round. Welcome to Grown-Up Land, it’s awesome here. Tough, but awesome.