In the US, should free citizens be allowed to reap what they sow?

Should a person who delays gratification and works hard in school be allowed to enjoy the fruits of his/her labor?

Should a person who "lives for the moment" reap the benefits of impulsivity?

Should planning and effort have an equal financial result with chaos and impulsivity?
thomasina…did you look for the government to solve your problem when your job went overseas, or did you roll with it?

Yes, you get exactly what you deserve based on what you put into it.

And fo rthose who say, b-b-b-b-but, what about rich kids inheriting – well guess what SOMEONE in their family had to put in some hard work so that their future generations could enjoy it. See thats how alot of families work, you work hard so your chidlren and grand children can enjoy and have a better life than you had.