financial planning advice- tax rebate?

I’m getting 1200 for the tax rebate. should i pay down my 1 large credit card by half, pay all my bills for the month which could leave 4 paychecks free minus gas for 4 weeks. or put it in savings. My car is on a lease and it is up in 2months and I want to purchase it. Will lowering my cc by half affect my credit score and help my purchase? any advice will help. Thanks

Even if you pay the credit card, it probably won’t be updated by the time you try to buy the car, so it won’t really make a difference. The rebate is not something you have counted on or usually have for your budget. It should be put into savings especially if you don’t already have 3-4 months worth of bills in your savings account. In this economy, anything could happen and you need that money to fall back on.