4 Reasons To Never Buy Free Government Grant And Loan Guides!

It is true: You can receive free money from the United States government to go to college, for a business, and many other things. I personally know of individuals who get thousands of dollars every single year to do various business and philanthropic activities. And they never have to pay back the money to the government!

Many people have come across websites that sell guides to teach you how to get free money from the government. Sometimes this information is offered in free lists, seminars, manuscripts, or training courses. To be honest, these information guides usually contain valid information, but their advertisements are so misleading that they could rightfully be considered scams. These kinds of information guides are highly attractive because many Americans are enticed by the notion of receiving free money from the government that they never have to pay back.

So what’s the deal with this free government grants business? Are they just hype or can you follow their directions and get rich as the ads claim? Read on for the truth you must know about free government grant guides.

Getting something from the government is virtually impossible. The first challenge to receiving a free government grant is knowledge: You virtually have to be a professional government grant researcher to get a grant. The work involved is tremendous. It becomes too much tedious work. There are too many timelines. There are too many deadlines. There are too many twists and turns…You won’t have the time or energy for all of this in addition to living your normal life.

The second challenge is your credit: How’s your credit? Is it good enough? If you are anything like I used to be when I was buying every free government grant guide under the sun, you probably have poor credit. Thus, you won’t qualify for the traditional small business loans. But even if you did, you’d discover virtually no banks in America fund the start-up cost for businesses. If money for the start-up of a business is what you are after then you are just out of luck. Most of those loans go to businesses that have been established for several years, which isn’t you.

The third challenge is writing a business plan. Writing a business plan is tough: I write at least 2,000 words everyday and writing a business plan was tough for me! The research is murder…then, on top of this, it is recommended that you have your business plan reviewed by a panel of experts. This process generally takes 6 – 8 weeks. You’ll be asked to make all kinds of revisions to your business plan. Then send it back to be reviewed again, and so forth and so on. The entire process can be grueling.

The fourth challenge is actually getting the money. This may seem crazy, but actually getting a free government grant for a traditional business can be a real problem within itself. Why? Refer to my article on “Home Based Franchise Income Opportunities, Work from Home Franchise Opportunity Business” for details.


There have been thousands of people who have invested in free government grant guides. To my knowledge, many of these guides should be considered scams. Many people simply want to earn an extra income from the comfort of their homes. Instead they find themselves cheated by con artists who take advantage of their financial situation and hopeful attitudes. Sure there are legitimate companies out there offering real work at home opportunities for those interested. Unfortunately, home based business scams are at an all time high. It has become harder to find legitimate home based business operations. So, if you are planning on buying one of those free government grant guides you’ve seen across the internet, be wise. Use common sense and the guidelines above to avoid falling victim to these infamous scams!

Joe Cooper