What kind of special perks should I ask for now that I am rich? What can Iget for free?

I’m especially talking about perks like getting free financial planning and lower fees when I consolidate accounts at a mutual fund family, private banking, credit card perks, that kind of thing

"Money for nothin and chicks for free" – Dire Straits

Actually, how rich? Private banks usually require $2M in deposits, although "some will take as little as $250,000".

You can get lower investment fees at mutual funds, but if you’re really rich, you will need an investment advisor (who will expect to be paid), an accountant and tax preparer, a lawyer, and maybe a secretary to keep track of your appointments. It isn’t cheap being "really rich".

Here’s a list of what celebrities and "other rich people" thinks are the best perks of being famous and rich. Most are not financial: