Wealth Expert Marcus de Maria Step 3: Create your Financial Plan for Wealth

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This video is Wealth Creation-Workout Step Nr. 3 : “Planning for Wealth”

The founder of Wealth Workout, Marcus de Maria, is a man with a mission.
A full-time investor during the week, Marcus devotes his weekends to helping thousands of people in UK about Wealth Creation techniques, Wealth Mindset and also how to make money in the stock market.


His mission is to raise financial awareness and knowledge in UK. To this end he has created the Wealth Workout which teaches wealth mindset and psychology, basic financial concepts, saving money and how to invest it properly. The course covers career, business, property UK and abroad, internet marketing and stocks.

He also teaches basic wealth education as part of the Youth Coaching Academy and has recently started
teaching this information in schools.

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Wealth Creation-Workout Step Nr. 7 : “Take Massive ACTIONS!”

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