Tools You Can Use to Help You Build Your Business Plan

Home based business owners should use software and resources to help develop their business plans.  There are a number of different tools that can be helpful in designing a home based business plan. 

There is a very useful multimedia online tutorial from CIT Small Business Lending Corporation that goes through an explanation of what your business plan is about.  It may also be helpful to look at some sample business plans to fid out what they look like. You may be able to incorporate your ideas into them.

There is also software that you can use to help with your business plan.  Planware is a business planning software tool that can help you get a feel for what you want to have in a business plan.  There are some free trails that you can take advantage of.  If you like what you see you can purchase the software and help draw up your business plan.

Business Plan Pro is software that has great tips on starting up your business plan.  Plan Write is another helpful tool that will guide you through the entire business plan process.  You will be able to construct marketing plans as well. 

BizPlanBuilder is a software that works with Microsoft Word and Excel.  You can make up business plans and create some sample business plans.  There are also features that you can use on the Internet that work to help you with finances. 

Plan Magic is another business plan construction tool that is available.  It allows you to create a couple of different business plans and has excellent specialty versions that you can use for specific businesses.  This is especially helpful because you can get a feel for what it will be like to write a business plan for a particular business type.

Venture Planning System Pro can be downloaded online.  It is a service that you can get through Advantage Venture Systems.  You can use the ten day free trial and get a subscription later on if you want.

Business Planner Pro is a good tool to plan your business plan out on.  You ill need to have Microsoft Word 2003 and Excel 2003.  Analyzing risks and other possibilities can be done with this tool.  It is excellent for people that are not the familiar with business plans.

No matter what tool you use you have to have a good strong business plan in order.  If you are not able to use any of the tools you should get an opinion about your business plan from a financial planner or small business owner.  It is vital that your business plan takes everything that is necessary for a business plan to work into consideration.    

Jeffrey S. Dutt