Is this a reasonable plan to make some money?

My husband and I are thinking of moving into a different house every six months or so. Completely redoing it in our free time while we live there, then selling it for a profit of hopefully around $30,000 or more. We hope to do this only for 5 years. In the end we hope to have enough money to buy a house for us to live in permanently with cash. And to have another $100,000-$150,000 to invest in other real estate. We have 3 young kids right now. We have done one house remodel before that we only made like $10,000 off of. And one we are in the middle of right now that we hope to make $25,000 to $35,000 off of. Will moving so much be too hard on our family, even if the kids are able to stay at the same school throughout the moves? Is this a reasonable goal and financial plan for us to have?

Its a legit way to make money if you can handle the turmoil. Be aware it would be considered a business venture and you should keep relevant records.