How to be Debt Free

Are you in debt? Do you want to be debt free? Do you think that being debt free is getting to be too hard for you or is impossible? Well, maybe this guide will help you.


1. If you are in debt, figure out how much money you owe. Who do you owe it to? Is it the bank, a car dealership, or simply a friend that you lost a bet to? If it is just $0-100.00’s look for a job to work and as soon as you get your paycheck, pay-up your debts. If it is a little bit more, keep working until you have worked it all off. If you need more than a few hundred dollars, you can either work it off, go to step two, or both!

2. If your debt is a spending habit (for example, you buy mass quantities of everything and/or buy things that you want, but are not necessary for living), the habit is called over spending and you should do some budget planning. Get a friend whom can save and don’t have the spending habit. Get him/her along when you need to purchase something. He/she will be able to provide some advise to you.

3. Every paycheck put aside some money for bills, food, and other needed necessities of living, and some money aside to save. Also put aside a little money for non-nessecities; it is important to be able to to buy things you want without going into debt. Keep saving money, and paying off bills so that you can pay off your debt. That is all I can tell you because I am not an expert at finances and know little about the financial world.


* Do some budget planning. Plan how you will spend for your paycheck

* Don’t buy something because you “Gotta Have It(You REALLY want it)”

* Buy only things you needed.

* Spend as little money as possible.

* Take up a hobby that involves no money-spending.

* Try to save gas money by walking, biking, skateboarding, etc. wherever you need to.

* Avoid using credit cards! Seriously! The easiest way to avoid debt is never, never charge anything on a credit card. If you absolutely think that you need a credit card (to “help” get a good credit score) use the credit card once for a small purchase, pay it off immediately, then cut the card into little pieces (or better still shred it) and throw the pieces away separately.