Health Insurance Plan – Don’t Play With Your Health!

A health insurance plan can be expensive, but in today’s world it is most necessary. Even if you are a non-smoker and have a relatively low-risk job, there are accidents that occur every day. If you don’t carry health insurance you are taking a large unnecessary risk. If a tragic event occurs and you seriously need medical care, a health insurance plan will help pay for some if not most of the bills and save you from financial ruin.

Don’t believe that it will never happen to you

People don’t carry health insurance for a couple of reasons. Either, they don’t believe that the unexpected will every happen to them, they don’t think that they can afford it or they’re not entirely sure how a health insurance plan will help them. If you are unsure about what health insurance is, it’s guaranteed protection against enormous medical bills. For a monthly fee, the insurance company agrees to “cover” your expenses if you need medical attention. This is obviously a simplified version of how a health insurance plan works; you will need to investigate further before paying for a coverage plan. Each plan varies by insurance company and will vary from person to person. When just starting to look for medical coverage do you know what to look for?

Before deciding on a medical coverage plan it is best to asses your situation. This will help you understand which options and plans are available to you. Check with your employer, many companies offer some sort of health insurance plan. Also, feel free to contact the insurance company directly and discuss your options with one of their representatives. They will be able to tell you what is and isn’t covered before you decide on a plan of your choice.

Not having a medical coverage is a bad gamble to take. All it takes is one accident and you could easily rack-up ten’s of thousands of dollars in medical bills. It’s always best to have some sort of medical insurance.

Finding The Best Health Insurance Plan

When you first decide to find a health insurance plan it can be difficult not only knowing which plan to pick, but knowing what plans are even available. The following is a look at different health insurance plan options and what they offer:

Most people have a choice from three different health insurance plans;

Private Insurance

These are the plans available to you from your employer. An individual can also purchase insurance through a private insurer. This is the most common of the three.


Medicaid is a government funded program. This insurance is for individuals and families who are considered low income and will have a difficult time affording a private health insurance plan.


Medicare is another government funded health insurance program. You may have heard about it in the news lately since a great deal of changes has been enforced concerning Medicare. You must be sixty-five and older to apply for Medicare.

Compare your situation with the above three plan options and you will know which are open to you.

Even if you already have a medical coverage plan, you want to or need to change your plan. Maybe you can get similar coverage with a lower premium with a different private company. Or you just may be dissatisfied with your current insurer and want to change. Generally this is not a problem, however do check with your current provider first.

Some insurers enforce a clause that states that you must be a member for a certain length of time after joining. Depending on your location and insurer stimulations differ. A quick check with your medical plan advisor will alert you to any rules and regulations that you may not be aware of.

With the internet available just about anywhere, it’s relatively easy to find a health insurance coverage. Some internet sites have made it even easier by comparing company plans and premiums. If using the internet is inconvenient, call an insurance agent to get all your questions answered and sign up with a company today!


Having health insurance is a must. There’s no reason to take the risk of incurring massive medical bills due to an unforeseen accident. A health insurance plan can be costly, so it pays to look around and find out what options are available to you before deciding. But saving a few bucks by not carrying insurance is not worth it.

Brooke Hayles