Did You Know There is a Plan B Towards Financial Freedom?

The Path to Financial Freedom



Do you know the path to financial freedom? This path is made  up of  two set rules and most of us play by the first set of  rules.  However if we changed to another set of rules this would help  us achieve financial freedom through information.


So what are these rules? The rule that most of us play by is  go to school, get good grades, get a high paying job, work hard, get out of debt, save money and get a good retirement plan, but is this working for everyone?   Sadly alot of people are not achieving  financial freedom  they desire so much.


 Robert Kiyosaki  the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, explains  this quadrant.  Draw a  cross on a sheet o f paper and  put    in the   Top   Left             E       B     Right top

                                             Bottom left          S        I      Bottom left


E – stands for employee

S – stands for small business person, self – employed, specialist

B – stands for Big Business –    Employs over 500 employees

I  – stands for Investment.


Most schools train you in E and S quadrants and that is  okay  if that’s where you want to be.  Also there are students that are being trained in E and B  quadrant for high paying jobs for the corporate ladder  as an employee not as a business person.


There is an industry that helps people achieve the path to financial freedom and helps change lives.

Robert Kiyosaki speaks of this as the Direct Selling Industry.  It helps people to switch their beliefs and thinking from  the  E and S  quadrant to the  B and I quadrant.  It also shows them a path to financial freedom. Financial freedom doesn’t  happen over night  but  Robert Kiyosaki explains the other set of rules in this  free presentation video click here   and discover  for yourself what these rules are,  it may be the answer  to the path of financial freedom you are looking for.  So take action now and click here for a free presentation video.



Rosemary Leach


Rosemary Leach