which one to choose, MBA or Financial planning?

I’m dissatisfied with my job, thinking of doing further studies. I can not decide between an MBA or Financial planning. Which one is better for job prospects since I’m 36?

Live the best of both worlds.

My advice would be to go into financial planning. At that point you’ll have a sponsor (your employer) to help you obtain your CPA, CFA, CFP, AIAA, or any other professional charter you wish to obtain — including all of the FINRA Series tests you’ll be able to acquire during your training as an Advisor.

CPA: Certified Public Accountant
CFA: Chartered Financial Analyst
CFP: Certified Financial Planner
CAIA: Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

There are many others…

Many of these designations are considered comparable to an MBA.

If you’re wanting more information, check www.investopedia.com and search for one of the above acronyms. Below the explanation will be a list of similar searches — tons of information there.

I think gaining real-world experience while obtaining your designation(s) will offer a more hands-on approach and allow you to earn some cash (instead of building up debt) in the meantime.

Good luck.