VP Financial Planner – Who Is That? How To Become One?

A VP Financial Planner is a vital part of any modern business enterprize. It is a demanding and responsible job that requires a high level of knowledge about the working of the financial system and the changing business landscape.

A VP Financial Planner must be a person of immense integrity and professionalism. The personal qualities required are the ability to work under pressure and to be thoroughly reliable. The VP Financial Planner is handling the most confidential data of the company for which they work. The future performance of the business depends in large part on their work.

This is a post for a skilled and experienced person who has been educated to MBA standard. They will usually have CPA certification and have progressive corporate finance experience.

The VP Financial Planner will work directly with the CEOs of the company as a business partner. Their job is to plan the financial affairs of the business to shape its growth and expansion.

It will be essential for the VP Financial Planner to be able to identify critical issues in the company and in the business environment in which the company operates. They must understand both the local markets of the company and developments in global business and financial world. This breadth of perspective is essential if the VP Financial Planner is to be capable of giving timely and professional advice to the CEOs that will enable them to make the right business decisions.

The post has both strategic and operational functions. It links the day to day operation of the company to the strategic management level. The VP Financial Planner must be able to evaluate the opportunities that are available to the company and to implement the necessary organisational measures that are required. They must understand how each financial decision will impact on the overall business entity. They have to work with financial and accounting resources in order to produce fact-based reports that will enable effective decisions to be made.

The role of the VP Financial Planning is an essential element in the relationship between the company and outside regulatory agencies and the board of directors. This function demands a detailed knowledge of financial management and accounting systems. The public face of the company depends to a high degree on the effectiveness of the VP Financial Planner.

A knowledge of balance sheets, general ledgers, income statements, payrolls, cash flows, accounts payables and receivable and other accounting functions is essential for the post of VP Financial Planning. This knowledge is essential to their role as a an enabler within the company. They must be capable of summarizing this material so that decisions can be made.

If the work of a VP Financial Manager appeals to you then you should seek out a good college or university course that will equip you to operate in this highly competitive field.

Abhishek Agarwal