I was thinking about a financial planning career. Can someone help me out with the following questions?

There are so many different financial planning companies to choose from, how do you pick the right one? Does anyone have an experience with being a financial planner that could give me some insight as to what to expect besides the brochures that the companies supply? Is it worth getting into? It would also be nice to get someones email or contact info to maybe talk more with them. Please someone help me out a little. Thanks

O.K. Financial planning, first off, majority of your work is in the evening and weekends, when working folk are available.

If you are still interested, you should know that it is a lucrative business, however it takes a little while to build your commissions, sometimes commission is not paid until an investment has been in place for a certain amount of time, or until it is cashed in.

It is like owning your own business in that it takes time to build up your client list. Definately lucrative, however it requires a very serious committment, make sure you are ready.