Affiliate Marketing and Financial Planning Made EZ

EZ Plan helps you plan your finances and make extra money. Order the CD and give it to a friend as a gift or download a free copy and install it on your PC. It makes a good Christmas gift for your husband, wife or other men, women, or teen boys or girls.

Update 2010.3.373 shows how to avoid pending insufficient funds conditions at your bank. It forecasts your financial status months and years ahead with amazing accuracy. Simply input your income and expenses on the EZ Plan calendar on the dates that you expect them and let the computer do the rest. The computer will show you when you should borrow money and when you’ll have extra money to spend. Special EZ Plan applications let you simulate financial conditions without actually experiencing them. You can setup a long-range budget and test the purchase of a new car, a new house or simulate the returns from your investments or the income from your employment and much more.

Eventually, we hope to allow you to upload your daily spend limits to your debit or credit card so that your daily spending decisions can be determined by your financial goals in addition to your bank-defined credit limit. If you attempt to overspend your budget, your debit or credit card will simply decline. In order for you to change your limits, you must revise your financial plan. Nobody needs to know your financial plans but you. This new EZ Plan feature will make credit and debit cards attractive to consumers who want to plan their finances. We need a bank willing to participate by allowing cardholders to upload daily sub-limits to their accounts.

We added an affiliate marketing program to help you make money. You must simply sign up as an affiliate at ClickBank or other companies, locate products that you think are helpful to youself and others, and then tell others about them. You’ll receive commissions when other people buy the products you recommend. We’ll help you spread the word by printing product-related business cards to hand out and also by providing a catalog to attract additional customers to buy your products. Depending on your products, your commissions, your expenses and your plan, you can emerge from the economic slowdown much stronger, wiser, richer and better than before.

EZ Plan is distributed on a CD. The main program is free, less shipping and handling. You must download the latest copy at least once a year. The basic program includes everything you’ll need to start planning your finances. Script programs, such as loan calculators, teacher lesson planners and smart browsers are distributed separately.

Please download a free backup copy of EZ Plan. Install it. Run it and send us your comments. Tell us about your personal projects that need cost analysis and your bills or investments that you would like to simulate so that we can help you get the most out of the EZ Plan software. Hopefully, after setting up your budget, you’ll be able to make trial purchases of new cars, new homes, vacations and more with the certainty of knowing how these items will fit within your budget. We would like team with the providers of these items and provide downloadable simulations that you can add to or remove from your budget whenever you like.

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